Monday, December 20, 2010

sling blade-ost

Producer/musician Daniel Lanois's moody, atmospheric score for this story of a Southerner trying to start over after being institutionalized for 25 years is full of as much drama and feeling as the film itself. Lanois made his name producing such artists as U2, Bob Dylan, and Peter Gabriel, and his trademark is a dark, swampy sound. That sound, which is both organic and mysterious, fits perfectly in this story.

The score is rich and ambient, featuring Lanois's heavily-processed guitar and the help of a few extraordinary players (mentor Brian Eno, jazz drummer Brian Blade, Emmylou Harris). It's complemented by tunes by country singer Bambi Lee Savage, Booker T. & The MGs, and the rock band Local H (covering Guided By Voices' "Smothered in Hugs"). Also included is "The Maker," which first appeared on Lanois's 1989 solo album ACADIE. It's a churning, funky update of the homegrown spiritualism perfected by the Band in the 1960s, and it closes the album on a hopeful note. (oko 250MB)
jedan od onih soundtrack-a koji bi se trebo nac u fonoteci svakog iole vrijednog stovatelja/poznavatelja dobre glazbe..
kako nam se blize bozicni i novogodisnji blagdani,a i sa samom cinjenicom da s ovim postom zavrsavamo/privodimo kraju 2010-tu,urednistvo ovog bloga svim svojim vjernim citateljima zeli sve najbolje tijekom 2011.zivi,zdravi,sretni mi bili,a za sve ostalo se ne vrijedi uopce zamarat..cheers !!

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