Sunday, July 13, 2008

mazzy star-the black sessions

(live in france,10-23-1993)

01.Mary of Silence
02.Ghost Highway
03.She Hangs Brightly
04.Bells Ring
06.Blue Light
07.Ride It On
08.Into Dust
09.Give You My Lovin'
10.Blue Flower
11.Tonight That I Might See
13.Rock Section


Alain said...

sorry for the macho-side of my comment but I just think of the very beautifull face of her !

and ok, she has also on some songs, a very good voice

not really my cup of tea but...

Alain, Brussels, Belgium

sindrom1975 said...

first of all welcome and thanks on comments,second of all you're right,she got more than a very good songs and voice

i hope you enjoy the blog,and salute to Belgium :-)