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Crime and The City Solution were a rock music band formed by Australian singer and songwriter Simon Bonney.
They had four distinct line-ups: Sydney in 1977-78, Melbourne in 1979, and two groupings in Berlin. The only common member in all four line-ups was Bonney.
Other members included: former members of The Birthday Party (Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard); former Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks; and Alexander Hacke from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.
Crime and the City Solution completed four studio albums and a number of E.Ps during it's existence, and a live album has since been released. Further early recordings have resurfaced on the internet. Parallels have been drawn between Crime and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- but even Cave has accepted the superior vocal talent of Bonney. The long term influence of the band has yet to be acknowledged. Crime were famed for the tortuous beauty of their live performances. Bonney has since gone on to record solo materialWim Wenders, who was a fan of the band, featured them performing in his film Wings of Desire as well as in the soundtrack to Until the End of the World.
Crime & the City Solution - Shine (1988)
1. All Must Be Love [5:18]
2. Fray So Slow [4:55]
3. Angel [6:01]
4. On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain) [5:25]
5. Hunter [4:48]
6. Steal To The Sea [10:16]
7. Home Is Far From Here [3:23]
8. On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain) (12" Version) [4:07]
9. All Must Be Love (Early Version) [5:26]
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here:, you can find the 2 solo albums of Simon Bonney + 1 video.
Enjoy it!!!

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hey,thanks a lot and welcome to the blog !!

Alain said...

I made one part of my website on Simon Bonney with whom I was in contact via the net before he returned to Melbourne to follow studies about film, soundtrack of movies and stuff like that.

They are a history in french and in English, some interview of S.B. and from some musicians who play with him and pics !

it's on

There is no a lot of stuff about hime so I began a website about this great singer. I am not very young so I follow them since the begining. I saw CCS twice for example.

hope your will find interesting thing on the website

alain, Brussels, Belgium :)