Friday, May 11, 2007

kvik pik-singapore sling

Nikos Nikolaidis (1990, Grece)
Cast: Meredyth Herold, Panos Thanassoulis, Michele Valley
Plot:Singapore Sling, a dishonored detective chases after Laura, his love lost 3 years ago. His investigation leads him to a small villa, where he stumbles wounded, and enters the psychotic universe of an incestual mother-daughter duo who happens to have killed Laura (and who have just buried their chauffeur they just killed). First he will be tortured and (sexually) abused by the two, but as time passes the domination-submission relation will shift from one person to another, until he can finally overcome his oppressors in a nightmarish ending.
Appreciation: 10/10How can a movie be so incredibly sexy and disgusting all at once?This is a weird, sick & twisted little unique piece of film-noir. Everything about this movie screems with weirdness and palpable atmosphere. And it all looks natural and unforced. Thanks mostly to the acting which is, humm.. particular to say the least. Either they took some real psychos from the closest asylum, or these actors were given heavy doses of drugs or something, cause their performance is just totally freakish and disturbing. From the frequent spontaneous orgasms, to the few self-induced throw ups (i could be wrong but i could swear they were real), to the indescribable twitches, to the various bondage practices, it's all rendered with an all-too-real feeling. Also, the theatrical approach, i.e. the two girls sometimes appear to be talking to the audience (camera), or is it just another sign of mental disturbance? (which it is anyways, from how and what they talk about). Who knows.. The dialogues don't help the sanity of the movie neither.
The story is simple but twisted enough to keep you uncertain and uneasy all the time. The relation between the mother and her daughter is very strange indeed, as well as the progressive change in the dynamic of the trio. How often do you see a mother and daughter deeply involved in some S&M scenarios? What's more, how often do you see a (male) prisoner given the opportunity to freely fuck and torture his two (female) oppressors and be an equal part in their S&M scenarios? Yeah that's it, never until now. That's just another thing that makes this movie unique.
The atmosphere is the cherry on the sunday. It is UN-REAL. No, in fact it's more than real. I haven't been caught that much in a gloomy and oppressive atmosphere in a long time, perhaps not since Lynch's Eraserhead. But if Eraserhead was strange, Singapore Sling is also unbelievably sexy, nightmarish and gut-twisting, with a right mix of sex and kinky, some totally disgusting scenes (are they eating human remains??) and a good amount of ultra-violence and gore. The whole thing is surrounded by an aura of mystery. And the soundtrack will just finish the job of sucking you into this universe for good..
Needless to say, this movie is not for everyone, the faint of heart should avoid it like plague, but for those who like a good dose of strange and un-settling experience that will arouse you, make you laugh and twist your stomach like there's no tomorrow, run for this movie! (unfortunately, it appears that it's not widely distributed so it might be a hard-finder)

preporuka,uz savjet da film pogledate praznog,a ne punog sam pogledo prije nekih godinu dana,a nadam se da cu ga u skorijoj buducnosti i presnimit..

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