Sunday, November 4, 2007


65 Days of Static are an instrumental Math Rock / Post-rock band hailing from Sheffield, United Kingdom who have been around long enough to release a couple of albums and be hailed as the new Mogwai, the new Godspeed You Black Emperor and even the new Explosions In The Sky. Like these bands 65 Days Of Static major on heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumentals but the way they weave electronically skittish beats and quiet orchestral sections into the maelstrom of guitars is a neat twist that makes them much more than mere post-rock copyists.
Post-Rock is one of those genres of music that's easy to appreciate by hard to become obsessed with, just because the amount of change in what's essentially epic, instrumental emo songs isn't that varied. Bands like 65 Days Of Static are, however, testing the limits of the genre, combining post-rock anthems with glitchtronica to create something invigorating at some times yet entirely frightening at others.

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