Sunday, June 24, 2007


Cranes are a British band, often described as gothic rock, Dream Pop or shoegazers. Formed in the mid 1980s in Portsmouth, England, they are best known for the soft, high-pitched vocals of lead singer Alison Shaw, memorably likened by the NME to "a beautiful siren being slowly strangled on a spiral staircase of hammer-horror guitars". Cranes took their name from the innumerable mechanical cranes around Portsmouth docks. Cranes saw an increase in popularity in 1992 when they toured with The Cure. The band fell silent for a period of about four years after 1997 but, they never truly broke up. Thus, they began writing music again to release Future Songs and a few years later Particles and Waves. These albums signified a change in the overall style of their music, tending to a more ambient, ethereal sound. However, despite heading in a more electronic direction, the band maintained their signature sound, mainly revolving around Alison Shaw's child-like vocals.

vise o samom bendu na:

inace 2002 su zalutali i u ovo moje malo selo tako da sam imo tu cast da ih pogledam uzivo..

postavljam njihov prvi od dva peel sessions-a koja su snimili..

The Cranes - Peel Session 9-7-1989
1. Starblood
2. Eg Shining
3. Focus Breathe
4. Till Tomorrow

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